The cast of the OBD project

The cast of the One Bad Dream Project, minus Frank, as featured in the Cody and Rob's first dream log video (L-R, Logan Crispin, Robert Barnes, Alyssa Grant, Cody Wells)

This page will be dedicated to a brief description of characters that have appeared in Project One Bad Dream. For detailed analysis, please refer to an individual character page.

Robert BarnesEdit

Robert is the primary uploader of Project OBD and the founder of the project.

Cody WellsEdit

Cody is a friend to Robert and the secondary uploader of Project OBD.

Frank DohertyEdit

Frank is a friend of Logan and former member of Project OBD.

Logan CrispinEdit

Logan is a friend of Robert and a member of Project OBD.

Alyssa GrantEdit

Alyssa is Cody's girlfriend and a member of Project OBD.


This character contains major spoilers to Project OBD.

The Hooded Man Edit

This character contains major spoilers to Project OBD.

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