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A screenshot of Robert's Twitter

Along side the YouTube account, Robert also posts his findings on his Twitter account, @ProjectOBD. These findings serve as a background information and viable clues in Robert's investigation. This page will chronicle all the important posts on the Twitter account.

Twitter Description Edit

Kinda college related, kinda not.

January 2016 Edit

January 25 Edit

  • [6:27 AM] I'll finally be able to do this project! I'll start organizing things here. I'll post an introductionary tweet asap.

January 26 Edit

  • [7:17 AM] I have no idea how to use this site. I don't even know what my picture should be.
  • [7:18 AM] Anyways, #ProjectOBD is just a fun little experiment I've put together for my college psychology class. Experimenting with dreams! The idea is to see if we can induce lucid dreaming or experience any correlation in dreams! But we won't tip too far into the esoteric.
  • [7:20 AM] It's a while away though but I'm starting the Project early. So we'll get some introductionary posts soon.
  • [9:54 AM] So yeah hi, I'm Rob the lonely college student who's running this show.
  • [9:55 AM] This idiot is Frank. He's one of my "lovely" assistants. But we'll just pretend he's normal.
  • [6:16 PM] Say hi to assistant #2, Logan! This is the picture she sent. I am not responsible for the adorableness it ensues.

January 27 Edit

  • [ 1:17 PM] This is Cody, my bestfriend and third assistant.


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